Principium is an upcoming, progressive rock band based out of Salt Lake City, UT. Founded by Casey Frederick (Drums) and Robby Pinelle (Guitar) in 2014, the band has gone through a few lineup changes before locking down their current sound with Mike Murphy on guitar, Spencer Winward on Bass, and John Yelland on vocals.


In a recent review of A Crown of Ashes, the band’s debut album, Matt Coe at Dead Rhetoric says:


“It’s not often that bass players get significant solo spotlights in the middle of a song, or we hear high pitched screams that rival Jon Oliva during Hall of the Mountain King prime – which take place out of the gate on the title track, so kudos [for] holding down the bottom end proficiently and John Yelland for his massive vocal range. Drummer Casey Fredrick gets a steady eight bar measure as well to whirl back and forth on his kit on “With the Wind as Your Breath”, proving he’s capable to be powerful and extreme at times in his responsibilities.


Musically the band reside in that late 80’s / early 90’s progressive metal field – melody being driven through vocal harmonies and solid axe interplay between guitarists Robby Pinelle and Mike Murphy, a descendent of acts like Queensrÿche and the aforementioned Savatage, along with a power charge that comes from an Iron Maiden or Dio-era Black Sabbath stance.”